NOACA (Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Organization) is an MPO (Metropolitain Planning Organization).  Their federal charter is roads and bridges (federal infrastructure).  Yet they regularly attempt to push out into areas that are NOT within that charter e.g. Climate Action Plan.    How do you know who an organization really is? Watch what they say and do. Consider what is at their core.  They are a 45 board members with Cleveland/Cuyahoga holding 21 seats.   They are Cuyahoga/cleveland county centric.  And their are 5 state  seats.  The folk that are benefiting from NOACA.  And think about it.  ODOT is at the table and yet they provide funds to NOACA.  Is that corrupt?  You bet.

Without a statutory authority they have been involved with:

  • Water Quality
  • Air Quality
  • NEO2050
  • Regional Economic Development

NOACA regularly presses to exceed their authority regularly.   They have a huge impact on the region because they are working with the EPA, department of transportation, and our elected officials to create policy.   Policies like “equity” corrupt the conversation and distort fair allocation of funds.    Think about it.   Equity is antithetical to the U.S. constitution and every elected board member says an oath to uphold and defend the constitution.  What does that say about their integrity?   The constitution says that all “men” are created equal.   That is everyone has an equal opportunity to try to achieve based on merit.   You also have an equal opportunity to fail.   There should be no government involvement.   Meaning no government should put their finger on the scale.    In contrast “equity” is all about government putting its finger on the scale.  Using some subjective and unknown measures to balance fairness.   Which in actuality creates unfair outcomes.   Equity is more of a Marxist ideology, and we have seen time and again through history how Marxism destroys cultures.   NOACA is supposed to focus on roads and bridges but, as a progressive organization they focus on social change and that harms the region.

There is so much that can be said about the nature of NOACA, but the easiest case is to simply show some their actions that will reveal their soul.    For example, they are required by federal law to permit input.   But if one attends a board meeting you will discover you are seated where you can’t hear and the public is separated from the board members.  One can only speak for 3 minutes and only regarding agenda items.  Hardly a free speech environment.  Public forums are highly scripted, and attendees are most often carefully selected.  When the public decides to show up and mess with NOACA plan then that input is seldom used and the public is attacked in the press and in the board.  Input is corrupted by collection devices designed to produce the answers desired.

NOACA has a 45 member board that is controlled by Cleveland and Cuyahoga county.  While it is claimed everyone has representation it is hardly fair.  That is not the way it always was.  In the beginning NOACA was formed with equal representation (3 commissioners from each county).  But given the nature of progressives Cleveland and Cuyahoga county sought control and power.  They sued and stomped their feet shouted and forced other member counties to give over control of the board.  That has led to a board that is operates by tyranny and power.

The real sad commentary is that ODOT and state elected officials permit and enable this tyrannical behavior.